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Animations visualize complex processes. 

One knows the narrative force of animations from comics or from the digital simulation of historical content. The power of an animated narrative is perfectly suited for the launch or visualization of processes and products. When introducing a new product group, complex technical explanations must be brought to the point, often preceded by years of engineering work. An animated film is the perfect solution for a convincing presentation of your prototype. 

The animation is the match of the prototyping 

Prototyping is a part of the development process, at the end of which a functional object should be created. The animated film is the perfect and inexpensive match to evaluate in advance whether the desired product or the complex process functions. 


3D animation films can trace the development steps of a prototype and visually replicate each scenario. This makes the product easier to understand. mapmovingstory thus makes technical innovations tangible.

For the launch of a new product group of SaarGummi Neo we produced the storyboard and the entire animation film. In close cooperation with the engineers, the mapmovingstory animation film brought their vision to life. We also positioned the innovations with product names, logos, claims. The product branding we developed placed it successfully at VW. 


How can new product groups be introduced, marketed and sold convincingly?

How can the solution of a technical innovation be presented as a path rather than a result?

How do I manage to make the displayed content appear completely natural and thus become a tangible fact?


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