We are moving forward methodically.



Everyone uses the same. But their choice and application determine the result.


Here are our instruments, which we apply methodically:

Matthias Held

Interviews with the management at eye level


Our Value Compass*

The Value Compass* is a standardized framework that map has developed for the positioning of a company. The Value Compass* is designed so that corporate communications can adapt its messages individually to the purpose and target group while maintaining its identity.

*CC BY 3.0 DE



Branded Interactions

Design Thinking

Digital Business Modelling

Future Modeling

Mapping Experiences

Process Mapping

Service Design Thinking

The Business Model Canvas

User Story Mapping

Value Proposition Design



map is structurally and technologically familiar with many different collaboration platforms through its digital strategy consulting and implementation services. If you wish, we can familiarize ourselves with your IT system or help you to bring your IT landscape up to date.


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