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Storytelling makes an impression: We support you in discovering and spreading your company, product and brand story. In this way, we convey information, address your target groups effectively and anchor messages sustainably.

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Corporate Branding

Today's environment is complex, characterized by constant change and new technologies. We position your corporate and business strategy for sustainable communication and guarantee a robust and consistent perception of your brand.

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Brand Experience

Whether you want to restructure your company, introduce new products or emphasize your strengths, we can help you develop a story that suits you and will endure in your intranet, website, presentation, trade fair presence or classic print materials.

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Brand Innovation

By positioning your products and services for communication, we open them up to new business areas. We support you with ideas and resources from conception to incubation with an international team and keep an eye on the latest technologies in order to develop meaningful and forward-looking solutions.

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Our aim is to inspire companies on their way to a future-oriented and liveable future and to lead them to success with meaningful communication.

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We have been working intensively on the topic of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) for years. We know what resilience, circular economy, Scope 1,2,3 and a climate-conscious corporate culture mean for communication. We navigate your company through the jungle of requirements with the right core messages.

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From the early days of the modem to the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AGI), we always have our finger on the pulse of digitalization. We have supported over 300 successful digital projects from brainstorming to market entry. We are currently focusing on the potential of Industry X. We work with you to develop concepts for your corporate communications so that you can benefit optimally from the latest industry platforms.

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Every change begins in the mind. For people to move and change, they must first be intrinsically motivated. We provide authentic arguments that work. Our focus is on understanding people's individual situations, looking at them in a social context and tailoring the arguments for the digital transformation of your company accordingly.

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We strengthen your communication through our consulting and implementation in all communication channels and markets.



We position your corporate and business strategy for communication and analyze that of your competitors. On this basis, we develop a "social object" that arouses emotions, increases interaction with your company, unites interests and successfully creates a community in your interests.


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Our cost estimates for our range of services comprising corporate branding, brand experience, branded content, brand incubation & innovation are strategically combined in a modular package after a joint budget determination, linked in a roadmap with tactical implementation steps and rolled out in an agile manner.



A highly qualified team of strategists, designers, developers, copywriters and digital experts will accompany you throughout the entire phase of the project at senior level! From the positioning of your corporate communication and project management, to design and interaction with multilingual programming and the development of blockchain and tokenization concepts through to applications for Industry X platforms.



Messe 2023 Stahlo

Blechexpo '23 

We are shaking up the steel industry with Stahlo

With the digital material passport (DMP), Stahlo has introduced a blockchain-based certification that provides forgery proof of the steel mix. An important sign in the current context of ESG regulations and the increasing demand for "green steel". The Stahlo Steel Compass is a further commitment. It is a tool that customers can use to increase the proportion of green steel in their steel portfolio in a controlled and effective way. Both innovations caused a stir at Blechexpo'23, with the DMP impressively demonstrating the practical benefits of blockchain technology and the Stahlo Steel Compass the effective use of data to increase the proportion of green steel in steel portfolios. Both applications show Stahlo's commitment to developing meaningful services that help to make climate protection goals achievable. With both digital applications, Stahlo was not only able to awake the interest of trade fair visitors, but also provide them with comprehensive information on the most important aspects of green steel.

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