Process management and digitization 

The modulation, structuring and documentation of processes is a prerequisite for digital transformation 


If a company decides to implement comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) software, this usually has an impact on the entire organization.

Processes become visible.

signavio partner

By using the Signavio software, mapmovingstory has documented, analyzed and improved the creation of precise process maps, the mapping of core processes and the measurement and evaluation of key figures business processes. With the resulting transparency we were able to promote a positive corporate culture of our customers. 

As an official partner of Signavio, we use the award-winning process management software developed in Germany.

"Keep your processes and procedures as simple as possible"



How can I successfully integrate suppliers and customers into the BPM process?

How to introduce a uniform IT system for BPM activities?

Do I need a Chief Process Officer to implement BPM in my company?



Innovation Design


Business Modeling

Process Mapping

Stories &

Development of process maps

Definition and mapping of core processes

Enabling the measurement and evaluation of business processes

Change in corporate culture towards more decentralized collaboration


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