Blockchain technology and benefits

Application of decentralized transactions in closed ecosystems


The digitalization of processes and regulatory requirements are forcing companies to build reliable identity systems. Central ID management systems are in contrast to the decentralized consensus mechanisms of block chain technology. However, their interfaces remain interesting.

Consensus mechanisms verify the authenticity of digital processes. They can be used as 'validation tools' and with their semantic principle they can also take over further functions. 


The company's own currency system

In closed ecosystems, transaction costs of global companies with block chain technology can be presented differently. Token systems in combination with Smart Contracts work like a separate currency system. But which combination of technologies makes financial and procedural sense?

map blockchain

Choose the right Pilot Use Case

Together with the management, mapmovingstory identified possible business areas and developed a concept. On this basis,, the digital technology division of mapmovingstory, put together a high-end developer team to team up with the treasury department.

The successful implementation of a Pilot Use Case needs to be extended to a Proof of Case. The prototype was supposed to be checked in several validation steps to see if it is successful as a replicated application.


When does Blockchain make sense for my company?

How can the Blockchain technology be used sensibly within companies?

Which platform is suitable for Blockchain technology?

How to identify the right project, product, process, service within companies that are suitable for a pilot use case?

When does this Project Use Case become a Proof of Case?

How can online identities in a closed system be meaningfully combined with the decentralized approach of Blockchain?

How can processes be digitally authenticated/verified and validated? 



Innovation Design


Design Thinking

Process Mapping

Interaction Design


Stories &

Screening and identification of suitable business areas for the technology

Creation of a concept

Definition and advice on budgeting 

Establishment and onboarding of a suitable developer team

Implementation of the pilot use case with individual validation steps

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