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Artificial intelligence and augmented reality in industrial production.

SaarGummi Neo Augmented Reality

Reality becomes virtuality becomes reality

Augmented Reality applications when combined with AI become self-learning entities. Every iteration of a production process increases their ability to master the task they are set forth to implement. The results of those learning curves  can be also used as knowledge transfer for the same processes at different locations.



A further advantage

The digitally gained knowledge can be automatically documented in digital manuals and used as a remote internet training tool. map has initiated a pilot project and networked the managing director Dr.-Ing. Nils Petersen and Dr. Alexander Lenken, finance marketing of IOXP, a company for cognitive augmented reality, with the SaarGummi Group, which intends to roll out the project globally.

Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH, DFKI

Communication solutions

The company IOXP is a spin-off of the DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and pioneer in the field of AI-based Augmented Reality.

SaarGummi Group is dedicated to the digital transformation of its production, processes, services.

map proposed the Augmented Reality App based on the AI to digitally replicate and optimize processes.

AR tablet

Worldwide networking of work processes

As a result, the response time to problems arising in the value chain was significantly reduced, cost-intensive travel was avoided and the company's CO2 balance improved.

Neo building


The SaarGummi Neo innovation department then launched an application project with Epson that attracted a lot of attention.

The application runs with a web application created by the external developer IKS-Computer GmbH and allows fast, fault-tolerant communication between the sites.

map set up the project, mediated between IOXP and SaarGummi Neo and strategically supported the worldwide rollout within the SaarGummi Group.

Bundes Ministerium

Industry 4.0 Platform

This implementation was one of the reasons why SaarGummi Neo was selected as one of the six only innovation companies in Saarland to be listed on the Industry 4.0 Platform i40 of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. 


For which areas is Augmented Reality suitable in my company?

Does the use of Augmented Reality lead to more security and quality in my company?

Which processes can be improved by using an AI-based AR and what will be more efficient?


Innovation Design


Design thinking

Interaction Design

Process Design

& Results

Introduction of Augmented Reality in technical production

Strategic implementation with IOXP and SaarGummi Neo

Global rollout of the application

Selected for Industry 4.0 Platform of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

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