Digital Innovation

Kippenberger Skoda

The art installation of Martin Kippenberger consists of a photo collage that is laid out onto the floor. It was shown in the museum Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin in 2014. Lender was the HGN Kunsthalle, Duderstadt. The historical and iconographical piece of work served as pedestal for many fashion shows of famed fashion designer Claudia Skoda back in the 80ies. The floor installation was shown with other Kippenberger highlights from the HGN Kunsthalle collection in Duderstadt. Our concept idea for the film is based on Skoda's high-end knitting wear. The digitally shot film was combined with an algorithm that translated the analog wool structure into digital structures, into "digital wool". It was shown within the exhibition as a documentary-style art piece about the fashion show which was reenacted by Claudia Skoda.
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