Product Manager VR / AR / XR

Shahin Shahroudi

„Will reality be augmented or virtual or some hybrid of the two? In any case, our reality will no longer be the only game in the world.“ Shahin's strengths are to understand communication goals and solving problems of their customers with an intelligent mix of advanced VR / AR software and mixed reality solutions to create professional communication and presentation applications. He studied at SAE Multimedia Design and Engineering. After completing his degree, he developed the technology and design company Open Mode GmbH, specializing in tailor-made realtime software and interactive 3D design solutions through the use of the latest technologies for industries in the automotive, medical healthcare, lifestyle brands and construction sectors. His customers includes Adidas, Versace, Liebherr, University of St. Gallen, Airport Brussels etc. At mapmovingstory he is responsible for the production of VR / AR within in scope of Automotive and Health Care. He works for us as a permanent freelancer.